3 Easy Ways to Tell If You Need a Wheel Alignment

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If you follow our auto mechanic blogs then you know that having proper wheel alignment will not only increase the life of your tires and increase gas mileage, but it can boost the overall performance of your car, truck or van. This simple and affordable fix can save you in the long run. But most people don’t know the tell-tell signs of needing a tire alignment. Today, as your Las Vegas alignment specialists we want to share some easy ways to tell if your tires need alignment.

  1. Vehicle Pulls When You Release the Steering Wheel
    Now we know what you are thinking, and you are right, some roads are uneven and therefore even the best aligned vehicles will pull. For this reason, we suggest trying it a few times. If it pulls in different directions it may be due to the road. If it always pulls in the same direction you should get your alignment checked.
  2. Uneven or Rapid Tire Wear
    If your tires bald to one side even though you are rotating them frequently or are balding faster than they should your alignment is probably the cause. We suggest scheduling an alignment check.
  3. You Have a Crooked Steering Wheel
    Your steering wheel should always be straight and even when your wheels face forward. If your steering wheel is not straight and even your alignment is most likely off. Have your alignment checked.

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