All About Automotive Glass: What You Probably Didn’t Know…

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Automotive Glass: What You Didn't Know

Imagine that it’s a cold day and you’re on your way to a doctor’s appointment across town.  You turn on the heater in your car and it blows cold air until your car warms up.  As you wait for the heater to take the chill from the air you roll your windows up, effectively shutting out the possibility of any more chilly air invading your car.  

Functions Of Your Automotive Glass

Besides keeping cold air out and blocking the powerful rays of the sun when a dark tint is installed on them, your automotive glass has many incredible functions.

Fundamentally, the glass that is used in cars is safety glass.  It is designed to protect the basic structure of the car and will not shatter and break into shards.  It is also designed to protect passengers inside cars.  Automotive glass falls into two basic categories.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is designed for the windshield and protects the passenger by keeping a person from being ejected out of the vehicle during an accident.  It also protects passengers from suffering any puncture wounds or injury from sharp pieces of shattered glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is designed for the side and back windows.  It is made using a heat and rapid cool process that ensures the strength of the glass which strengthens the core and the outside surface of the glass.  This process prevents cracks in the glass should rocks and other debris hit the windows. Additionally, in the event of an accident both tempered and laminated glass are designed to keep the glass from being deeply penetrated by anything during an accident.

We don’t think a lot about the function of the glass inside our vehicles beyond keeping debris or anything unwanted out and letting cool air inside the car. However, automotive glass is designed with both the passenger and the vehicle itself in mind.  It is structured to prevent harm to the passenger by forming a strong crack resistant barrier.  It is also designed to be strong enough to maintain the structural integrity of the car during accidents.

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