Auto Upholstery

Las Vegas Auto Upholstery Services

Problem with your car upholstery? We provide great service to help you with car seat repairs and unsightly, worn-out upholstery. Maybe you are not ready to sell your car, but you’re tired of looking at stained, scruffy seats. We are in Las Vegas and offer a full range of auto upholstery services.

What Types of Problems Can We Fix?

We can easily and quickly fix or replace the following:

  • Adding leather seats
  • Replacing stained and worn seats
  • Matching or changing what you have
  • Customizing with a color theme

From vinyl to leather, we can add new life to the interior of your vehicle. Rips and tears can be addressed as well. Faded areas and cracks can be reupholstered. Working not only on car seats, we can do the following other interior areas of your car:

  • Carpets
  • Arm rests
  • Steering wheels
  • Door panels

We can work on a full range of makes and models of cars when it comes to our upholstery services.

The Benefits of Great Looking Upholstery in Your Car

Restoration of your interior can increase your comfort every time you enter your vehicle. Your seating and upholstery will last longer, making it more likely that you can trade in your current vehicle when you are ready to buy another car. In the meantime, redoing upholstery is certainly much more affordable than a new car purchase!

You will benefit from sharp-looking seats and an interior when you actually are ready to trade in your car. It will look better and provide a newer appearance, possibly allowing for more dollars at trade-in time.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy an upgrade to your unique style with the highest quality Las Vegas upholstery service as well as friendly customer service.

Give us a call to find out more about our car upholstery services. At HiStar Auto Center, we speak your language and can answer all questions. Get in touch with us today!