Best Auto Detailing Tools for the DIY’er

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If you love to keep your car looking clean, neat and tidy, auto detailing is the best way to make that happen. By learning how to detail your car yourself, you can do it whenever you want and save a lot of time and money. Before you can start though, you need the best auto detailing tools to get the job done.

Best Auto Detailing Tools

Upholstery Cleaning – You will need to clean the upholstery of your vehicle with a brush, carpet and furniture soap,  cleaning wipes and a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the car thoroughly and then shampoo the seats and carpets. Don’t  forget to wipe and polish the dash with cleaning wipes to remove dust and dirt..

Tires And Wheels – The tires and wheels need to be cleaned with tire cleaner, wheel cleaner and polish and clean water. Once clean and polished, use a shammy towel to dry the thoroughly to prevent streaks and water spots.

Vehicle Body – The vehicle body needs to be cleaned with automotive soap and then dried and waves. Use a shammy towel to dry the car after washing it and another dry towel to apply the wax and rub it into place. The wax will create a barrier that protect the car and keeps it cleaner longer.