Dead Batteries: Not Just for Las Vegas Summer

Dead Batteries: Not Just For Las Vegas Summers

Anyone that has lived in Las Vegas more than a few years will tell you that our extreme heat in the summer will increase the frequency of dead batteries. But if you think that Las Vegas summer heatwaves will kill your battery, don’t forget about our harsh winters. While most Las Vegas natives will tell…

Inspect Your Battery!

The battery in your Las Vegas vehicle is essential in order for it to run. The alternator helps by charging the battery, allowing it to work properly. Without either of these two components you would not be able to run your vehicle. Your battery provides electricity to start the engine, ignite the fuel, operate the…

Battery Breakdowns

Is your car getting hard to start? After such intense Las Vegas heat that we have had this Summer, it would be wise to have your car battery checked out. A failing car battery is a problem that many drivers experience due to the 100+ that our Vegas valley receives.