Do those DIY dent repair tools really work?

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Regular Hi Star customer Stephanie Wood ask us our professional opinion so we decided to share the inside scoop with all of our customers.

Q: Do those As Seen On TV hacks that you can buy for $20 bucks really fix dents? Is it worth my money?

A: There are no two dents exactly like, just like snowflakes. Except snowflakes don’t remind you of a your bad parking job, or that runaway shopping cart fiasco. But any size dent big or small forever changes the physical composition of your car’s body. It essentially stretches the metal. So those quick hacks like using dry ice or fix-a-dent may not work on the majors fender benders.

However, we aren’t saying no. Some smaller minor dents might be undone by these options. We would not suggest investing more than $20 for those do it yourself methods. If they do work on your dent that it was well worth the money. ┬áIf they don’t, than you’re no different other than $20 broker. Don’t throw it out, just shove it in the back of the closet for the next minor glitch (not that we are assuming that there will be another in your future). If all else fails, then, bring you car down. We can give you a free estimate to assess the cost of the damage and what your next course of action should be.