Finding Tires On A Budget

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More than half the cars on the road today are operating on tires that are near or past what is considered safe. Tires tend to be one of those purchases that most car owners procrastinate making until it can work with their budget. However, tires are the only thing that is between your car and the road.  They are essential to keeping you safe on whatever types of roads your drive, regardless of the season. Keeping your tires up-to-date can help with the overall performance of your vehicle, from alignment to even gas mileage.  In our opinion, safety should not wait. Here are some tips that can help you find tires, keep you safe, and maintain your budget.

Do Your Homework, Shop Around

Thanks to the internet shopping around for tires is a million times easier. They are a variety of options via the web can give you a good starting point.  Before making any purchases you should know the average price of the make and model tires you want. Additionally, online sites can give you access to older models of tires that are still quality, and perfectly safe to use. Just because the tires are last years models, does not mean that they don’t serve the purpose. Many quality auto shops allow you to purchase the tires elsewhere and have them sent to the auto shop directly for installation. We aren’t saying that local tire vendors are not the way to go. In fact, checking those local sources should be part of your homework. Always ask if they offer any local incentives.
Between your online and local options, you should have a good understanding of your car’s new tires should really costs.

Check Out Options or Rebates

Whether you are buying tires online or a local source, make sure you ask about any options, warranties or even rebates available before you commit to purchasing. Some tire companies offer a month long “test drive”, or road-side assistance. Bonuses like these can pay off in other ways. options like these can take the fear out of the commitment of purchasing tires as well.

Just ‘Cuz It’s Broke, Don’t Throw It Out

It is always a good idea to bring your car in to your preferred mechanic after you get a flat before immediately purchasing a new set of tires. A good mechanic may be able to patch or plug your damaged tire giving you a little more time to find a replacement set to fit your budget. It is never a good idea to drive any long distances, or at any high speeds on a repaired tire. But driving on a repaired tire is far safer than driving on a donut until you can find the right price for your replacement wheels.

Remember that keeping up with regular maintenance of your tires can truly stretch your tire budget the longest. Properly aligned tires will better survive those unforeseen road hazards like potholes and can even help save gas.