How to Keep Auto Repair Costs Low

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Auto repair costs, especially the ones we don’t plan for, can be very large. One of the most common questions we get when a major repair needs to be made to a vehicle in our Las Vegas auto shop is “Why is this so much?” In this article we will discuss what is involved in auto repair costs, and how you can keep them low. These 3 tips can help you keep your auto repair costs low.

Where You Take Your Car Matters

There are three main types of auto repair shops: dealerships, chain stores, and independent shops. Costs for repairs are often more expensive at dealerships than chain stores, and more expensive at chain stores than independent shops. The biggest reasons behind this cost increase are overhead for facility, equipment and staff, and the cost of inventory. Taking your vehicle to an independent shop with certified mechanics and the right equipment can get you the same quality service but save your pocketbook.

Regardless of where you take your vehicle for repairs note that repair rates can easily range from $75 to $125 per hour, and often the least expensive places cut corners to keep their costs down. Be sure that no matter where you take your car for service or repairs that the auto mechanics working on your car are ASE certified and in good standing.

Frequent Maintenance Is Key

Having your car maintained properly can help you to identify and fix problems before they become major issues. The longer you wait between maintenance can increase your costs as small issues become big problems. The moment you notice a vibration, steering problem, an indicator light coming on, or something of that nature, bring it to your Hi Star Auto Center mechanic.

Parts Wear at Similar Rates

In the same way that you would replace two tires at the same time, or four on an all-wheel-drive vehicle, the parts on your car that match with other areas tend to wear at the same rate. For instance, if you have a wheel bearing go out it is likely that the other one will need to be replaced as well. By replacing them at the same time you shop would already have your vehicle up on the lift, and be able to replace them during a single trip. This will save you from having a break down or needing to take your car back to the repair shop in the near future.