Ignoring Car Maintenance is Costly

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Crucial Care for Your Las Vegas Car

For some driver, it can be tempting to ignore basic car maintenance unless they are experiencing a noticeable problem, usually with either their brakes or steering. They think that they are saving themselves money by not taking their car to the shop. The reality is that they will probably end up spending more money in the long run due to unexpected auto repairs. You can’t afford to wait for something to happen before you take the proper care of your Las Vegas car. 

Take care of any car maintenance issues before they give you problems, not to mention the frustration and stress that unexpected breakdowns can cause.

Crucial Car Care


This cannot be stressed enough, you must make a habit of checking your oil. The heat in Las Vegas can cause some fluids and leaks and it is best to know right away if something is wrong. Check the dipstick several times between oil changes. If the oil level is consistently lower than it should be, report the problem to your mechanic before the “change oil” light comes on. Don’t just “top it off” with an extra quart and hope it won’t happen again.


Tires play a vital role in a car’s ability to stop and turn effectively. With the traffic that we experience in Las Vegas, this is critical to keeping our freeways safe. You should check your tire pressure every 1,000 miles. Remember that our excessive heat in the desert can cause your tire pressure to fluctuate. The correct air pressure could mean the difference between stopping quickly or slamming into the car ahead of you. You will get better gas mileage too. Have your tires rotated regularly to promote uniform tread-wear. If the tread dwindles down to the wear bars, it is time to purchase a new set of tires.


Brakes work together with the tires to ensure safe stopping distances. Ask your mechanic to check your braking system each time your vehicle is in the shop, most likely at each oil change. Be on the lookout for squealing noises, pedal softness, or vibrations. These are all signs of brake failure. If you are experiencing any of the above, get your brakes checked by your Las Vegas brake specialists as soon as possible.


Transmission problems are usually noticeable while driving. So it is up to report any signs of transmission problem to your mechanic. Transmission problems can be very expensive. Signs of transmission problems can be found here.

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Regular car maintenance can sometimes cost more than you would like, but regular maintenance actually costs less in the end. It will also prolong the life of all systems and parts that will make your car function safely.

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