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Automative Paint | Hi Star Auto Center

HiStar Auto Body, a family-owned business in Las Vegas, is expert at the science and craft of automotive painting. In an industry where authentic workmanship is rare, our team demonstrates consistent professionalism and expertise. Our approach to vehicle painting combines a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to matching your car’s original color with accuracy.

Precision Automotive Painting

Our process is grounded in a combination of traditional skill and modern technology. At HiStar Auto Body, we ensure an exact color match for your vehicle through a careful process. This guarantees that the color we apply is a perfect match to your car’s existing paint. It’s a promise we make as a family-owned business dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

Advanced Facilities for Superior Results

We invest in the best tools available to give you the results you need. The spray booth at HiStar Auto Body is essentially a clean room, complete with baking capabilities to ensure a contaminant-free environment for paint application. This setup allows us to deliver a finish that not only matches your car’s original color but also adheres to the highest quality standards in the industry.

The Finest Tools, The Right Paint and the Best Team

All our paint is mixed in-house, utilizing Sherwin Williams Water water-based paint. This follows manufacturers recommendations and helps us exactly match your car’s color. Our in-depth paint mixing process addresses the challenge of achieving the right color match. For colors that are especially difficult to match, our laser-spectrum camera enables us to replicate your car’s color with 99% accuracy.

Dedication to Authentic Restoration

Our preparation for painting goes beyond the surface. Before painting, we take the necessary steps to ensure that every panel is ready, following a comprehensive process that includes cleaning, priming, and masking. This preparation work is essential to our commitment to delivering a factory finish. Our detailed approach is evident in our policy of disassembling parts like bumpers and doors to ensure a thorough and high-quality job. It’s this level of dedication that distinguishes our family-owned business.

HiStar Auto Body is not just a service provider; we are a family-owned establishment that honors the craft of automotive painting. We blend artistry with precision to ensure that every vehicle we touch is restored to its original condition. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our commitment to the community, makes us the trusted choice for automotive painting in Las Vegas. Choose HiStar Auto Body for a service that values authenticity, precision and craftsmanship.