Replace Your Timing Belt

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Don’t wait to change your timing belt until you have issues. That is a risk that you should not take. Most manufacturer’s suggest that you changing your timing belt at a specific mileage, usually between 90 and 105,000 miles. Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute! Replacing your timing belt on time or early could save you thousands of dollars.

If your vehicle is due for a timing belt replacement, or to find out when yours needs to be replaced, call our experts today!

It isn’t a matter of “IF” the timing belt will fail, it is a matter of WHEN. This rubber belt is crucial to your vehicle’s performance and the operation of the engine.

What is a Timing Belt?

The timing belt is a rubber belt with teeth, which travels on pulleys through the engine of your vehicle. The teeth on the belt catch on the gears, like on the water pump for example. to regulate the coolant entering the engine.

Why Would Your Timing Belt Fail?

There are two common reasons that could cause your timing belt to fail in your Las Vegas car:

  1. Age & Miles – As your car travels more and more miles, the rubber teeth on the timing belt wear down. If worn to the point that the timing belt can no longer grip the gears, it will slip and cause the pistons and valves to pump out of sync.
  2. Water Pump Seizure – If the water pump in your car seizes, the gear will stop turning and the force will break the timing belt. This is often caused by a cooling system failure. If the coolant hasn’t been flushed regularly, your car is at risk of a cooling system and water pump failure.

Don’t Wait! What could have been a routine maintenance, replacing the timing belt in your Las Vegas vehicle, can become a costly engine repair!

If your vehicle is due for a timing belt replacement, don’t hesitate! Give our auto repair experts a call at (702) 432.8686 to schedule your service, replace your timing belt, and save yourself from the danger and inconvenience of extensive damages and costly repairs. Contact us today!