Auto Detailing

Our expert auto detailing packages are available to any customer: customers receiving collision repair, or anyone who wants their car to look its absolute best! We are experts in caring for the finish of your vehicle and can offer a level of expertise that you won’t find elsewhere. Unlike a car wash, Hi Star Auto Center knows how to make your vehicle immaculate without damaging any of the interior or exterior finishes.

What does detailing include? It’s so much more than a car wash. Our professional detailing services make your car look its best, inside and out:

Gentle but Thorough Exterior Cleaning

Work on the exterior of your vehicle will begin with a comprehensive wash. In many cases, this will be a hand washing to make sure that all your vehicle’s tough-to-reach spots are thoroughly cleaned. Spot-free water cleaning gets all the dirt and grime off your vehicle’s body without leaving any unwanted marks. 


Waxing your car is an excellent way to give it a luster and shine that may have been lost over time due to daily driving in the elements. Our team will carefully wax your car as part of a detail job to make sure we hit all the right spots. Washing and waxing are typically included as part of a bundled package. 


This service may be an add-on to a standard detailing package. If you have ever noticed that your headlights have become foggy and lost a little bit of their luster, you’ll appreciate restoring their beauty. We can help you get that fog off of the headlights’ glass. We will clean and buff your headlights to solve the problem.

Other Detailing Services

Detailing will also typically include a deep cleaning of your vehicle’s interior. Your upholstery will be steam cleaned. If you have leather seats, they will be cleaned and treated. Floor mats will also be scrubbed to remove any dirt and debris that can quickly accumulate. A full detailing may also include paint touch up to fill in those areas that have been damaged by flying road debris.

A complete interior service may add to the costs of an auto detailing job, but most of our customers in Las Vegas, Nevada, find that it is money well spent on their vehicle.

Whether you’re having your car repaired or serviced by us or you just want it expertly detailed, ask us about our detailing packages in Las Vegas.


Is your upholstery stained and torn, but you’re not interested in buying a new car? Do you love your car, but you would love leather seats? Hi Star Auto Center can update/upgrade your upholstery quickly and inexpensively (leather or cloth). You can match, change, or customize the color theme of your vehicle’s seating. Call us for details!

Windshield & Glass

Cracked or chipped windshield? No problem! Here at Hi Star Auto Center, we perform all manner of glass work. We fix and install new headlights, taillights and can repair broken side or rear view mirrors.

Whether you need a small chip repaired or your entire windshield replaced we are your number one choice for quality and reliable auto glass replacement.

We can perform all of your Las Vegas and surrounding valley auto glass services.