Hunter Laser Alignments for 28 Inch Wheels

Providing the best quality and most specialized wheel alignment services require expert wheel alignment equipment. For vehicles with 28 inch wheels there is no better equipment on the market than the Hunter Laser Alignment machine. Our alignment specialists have been expertly trained to use this specialty equipment to precisely align the 28 inch wheels on your vehicle.

How Hunter Laser Alignment Works

Before using the precision laser alignment equipment your alignment specialist will perform pre alignment checks. This includes ensuring that your tires have the correct pressure and tread gauge checks to key into possible alignment issues. We also check for wear and tear in any of the steering or suspension components. If damaged or significantly worn your technician may suggest they be changed prior to performing the alignment service.

Using the Hunter Laser Alignment equipment your alignment is reviewed in a three dimensional model. With use of the connected computer system your technician will adjust your alignment to meet motor vehicle specifications until each wheel meets the right alignment specification for your car model.

Once complete, a computer printout with the exact results is provided to our customers for their records.

If you want to know what driving on precision aligned wheels, Hi Star Auto Center is the only alignment specialist shop you need to visit in Las Vegas.

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