The New Tune Up

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Your car, like yourself, needs a certain amount of preventative maintenance in order to continue to run at optimum levels. A tune up is a regularly scheduled opportunity, usually once every year or two, that allows your car to get that maintenance it deserves. Ensuring that your car gets a tune up regularly will help to maintain the performance of your car while extending the life.

While most vehicles nowadays do not have rotors, distributor caps and don’t have to have spark plugs replaced as often, it is still important to get your car checked out from time to time, especially if you are experiencing any changes in the way it drives. 

 What is a Tune Up?

A tune up generally includes replacement of some if not several parts on your car. These parts may seem superficial, but failing to replace them regularly can cause decreased performance and stability in your car. This could lead to even more severe problems. For example, an air filter should be replaced at least once a year. Failing to replace it when it is dirty will cause your engine to get less and less of the air that it needs to run properly. If that problem is left unattended, the air-fuel mixture will continue to run richer and richer – meaning that there will be too much fuel and not enough air in the mixture – which leads to decreased fuel economy as well as cause other parts to fail.

A tune up can consists of many different things but some of the most common include:

  • Cleaning or replacing spark plugs
  • Cleaning or replacing air filters
  • Inspecting or replacing spark plug wires
  • Inspecting or replacing hoses and belts
  • Inspecting or replacing the oxygen sensor
  • Inspecting or replacing wiper blades
  • Rotating or replacing worn tires

Why Is a Tune Up Important?

Regularly scheduled auto maintenance with your Las Vegas auto tune up specialists can save you money! You can save on gas, improve your engine performance, reduce your car’s carbon footprint and have cleaner air and save on costly repair bills. Plus, the tun ups can extend the life of your vehicle saving you a considerable amount of money over time — and giving you a car that simply runs better for longer!

While having a tune up on your car, you also have an opportunity to check the car’s systems, such as the brakes and clutch; all fluid and oil levels; and the operation of any other systems that are not used or checked regularly. If the procedure is done in the spring, you will want to get your air conditioning system checked as well. We all know what the Vegas heat does in the Summertime. That is NOT a good time to not have air.

A New Standard of Tune Ups in Las Vegas

Maintaining our cars is like maintaining our own health. If your car needs a pick me up or doesn’t seem to be running like itself, call the friendly professionals at Hi Star Auto Center and let us give your car a “tune up”.