Tire Talk: What You Thought You Knew

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Whether you are still using the ancient “penny test” to determine if the tread on your tires is correct, or just checking the psi every 6 months, it turns out you’ve been doing it wrong. You can potentially add years to your tire lifespan by changing the way you maintenance your tires, and stay safer in the process. These 3 tire tips should help you to change your mindset, and keep your tires well maintained.

Tire Tip 1: Check PSI Every Month

The old mindset was that you should get your tires rotated and checked either when the seasons changed, or when you change your oil. In fact, your tire pressure likely fluctuates more frequently than this. Even a few pounds of pressure in difference over the course of a few months can wear your tires out faster. Experts suggest you check your psi once a month and make sure they are optimal.

Tire Tip 2: Monitor Your Tread Depth

If you are taking a penny into your tread, or relying on the wear bars to present themselves before replacing them, you may be waiting too long. While most of the year is dry, like this hot Las Vegas summer, during wetter months and periods of the year you actually need more tread to stay safe on the road. Wear bars and the penny test determine a 2/32 tread depth, and the minimum depth for evacuating water is 4/32 tread depth. It is suggested to check your tread when you check your psi, once a month.

Tire Tip 3: Keep an Eye Out for Cracks

Cracks and imperfections in the sidewall may be an early indicator of dry rot, which cause tire blowouts in the near future. Especially present in vehicles that aren’t driven frequently, like an antique weekend car or classic car, these hard and brittle surfaces are usually warning signs. If caught early enough, you can try using a water-based tire product to help seal cracks, but should avoid using silicone or petrochemicals to moisturize the drying tire.

Ask your Hi Star Auto Center mechanic to check your pressure, tread and potential for cracks on your tires during your next service. Our auto mechanics are available to help you with all your automotive issues in Las Vegas.