What to Expect in a Car Detailing Service

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Car detailing services include a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of automobiles in both its exterior and interior resulting in a show-quality level of detail and more resale value.

There are two categories involved in auto detailing:

Exterior Detailing. This includes cleaning and restoring the surface of a car’s finish, chrome trim, windows, wheel, tires, and other visible components on the exterior of a vehicle. Service providers get rid of dirt and soil, remove embedded contaminates, and resurface and improve the reflectivity of the car’s surface.

For tire detailing, service providers also take care of the undercarriage, chassis, anti roll bars, control arms, and every major suspension component. Tires and wheels will also receive a coating of appropriate protectant to prevent corrosion and cracking.

Interior Detailing. This involves deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin. The inside of vehicles are vacuumed, steam cleaned, are freed from stains, and its non-porous surfaces are also polished.

In addition, some car detailers also offer engine detailing. This involves degreasing the engine bay and then waxing it up.