Auto Definitions Explained!

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Sometimes when you go into a Las Vegas mechanic’s shop, you might think that you need to bring in an interpreter to understand what it is that they are saying to you. Becoming a knowledgeable car owner will help you to better understand the details of a necessary auto repair the next time you take your vehicle to an auto repair shop in Las Vegas

You should always take some time to do a little research about the auto repair services that are required for your car. You should also do a little bit of research about the shop that you are using to ensure that they are a reputable technician.

The auto lingo doesn’t have to be a foreign language to you. With a little bit of direction, you could be speaking like a mechanic in no time.

Oil and Filter Change

Regular oil changes, including changing the filter, are vital for the health and overall wellbeing of your car. The oil filter cleans the engine oil while it circulates through the car’s lubrication system.


The distributor is a component of your car’s ignition system. When it functions properly, it delivers the right amount of electrical voltage to each of the spark plugs in the right order, enabling your car to start smoothly.

Brake Fluid

One of your car’s most important fluids, it is used in the hydraulic brake system. This enables the brakes to squeeze smoothly around the rotors and slow or stop your car as you step on the brake pedal.


Part of the car’s cooling system, the water and coolant mixture in the radiator cools the motor by allowing liquid to flow through a series of channels that are exposed to the car’s air ducts.

Scheduled Maintenance

Also referred to as regular tune ups. Scheduled maintenance will ensure easier starts, smoother running and increased fuel efficiency. This can also help to have cleaner emissions.

Your car is a complex piece of machinery. Because of all of the various components and fluids that your car needs to have checked and replaced periodically, it is imperative that you understand the language spoken at an auto repair shop! Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are confused.

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