Body Shop

Body Shop

Our auto body repair technicians have decades of experience and with our state of the art equipment we repair your vehicle back to factory condition. 

Not all repairs are the same. The moment a technician is assigned to your vehicle, we begin the repair process by removing everything apart of the area we are painting. Every single part is bagged and tagged and safely stored so nothing gets lost. 

We do not “mask and shoot” – meaning, any panel that is getting repaired and painted is getting taken apart. 

For example, if your front bumper needs work – we take the bumper off of the vehicle and remove all parts that are attached to the bumper. This allows us to do a complete repair of your bumper inside and out and ensure there is no damage caused to any of the parts that are attached to the bumper while it is undergoing repairs. 

The insurance company does not always want shops to do this, they sometimes write your preliminary estimate this way and it seems like they are not paying enough to repair your vehicle. Don’t trust a company that OWES you money. We provide complete process photos and procedures to the insurance company and guarantee they will pay us to take everything apart and perform repairs to your vehicle the way it needs to be done. 

State of the Art Auto Body Equipment

Our Chief Frame Machine and 3D frame measuring system guarantees that we are able to identify any frame damage and pull/repair any frame damage back to manufacturer specifications. 

Our technicians have access to some of the best welders in the industry. Our Miller Millermatic 355 Pulsed MIG Welder allows our technicians to weld your new parts onto your vehicle with the strength and durability of factory welds, if not – BETTER.

Get Your Repairs Completed with Confidence

Don’t hope that your body shop can restore your vehicle, know with confidence that you are working with an established, first-rate shop that will bring your vehicle back to pre-accident conditions.