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In order to register or title a vehicle for which a Salvage Title has been issued, a Certificate of Inspection / Affidavit of Vehicle Construction (Form VP64) must be completed. Form VP64 must also be accompanied by the certificate of title or ownership and other documentation, as required.

What Does the Law Say About Salvage Title Vehicles

When you trying to secure a title for your newly rebuilt or custom built vehicle, the State of Nevada requires some special things due to the nature of the vehicle.

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NRS 482.223
  1. Before an application for a title for a rebuilt, reconstructed or specialty constructed vehicle; inspection; certificate of inspection;affidavit.
    1. The work performed on the vehicle meets the standards of the manufacturer for mechanical fitness and safety;
    2. The vehicle has been repaired to the standards of the manufacturer; and
    3. Any safety equipment, including, without limitation, occupant restraint devices, which was present in the vehicle at the time the vehicle was manufactured is present and operational to the standards of the manufacturer.
  2. An application for a title for a rebuilt, reconstructed or specially constructed vehicle must include an affidavit which states that the vehicle:
    1. Has been inspected pursuant to subsection 1
    2. Is in a condition to be operated safely on the highways of this State; and
    3. Has all safety equipment required by the manufacturer.
  3. Any of the following persons may complete the inspection and sign the certificate of inspection and the affidavit required by subsections 1 and 2:
    1. A garage operator who operates a garage that is required pursuant to NRS 487.560;
    2. The owner of a body shop licensed pursuant to NRS 487.630;
    3. A rebuilder licensed pursuant to NRS 482.325; or
    4. An employee of a garage operator, owner of a body shop or rebuilder who is authorized by his or her employer to inspect the vehicle and attest that the repairs have been completed in accordance with standards of the manufacturer.

Requirements for Rebuilt / Custom Built Vehicles

Before registering your custom-built vehicle in Nevada, you will have to have it inspected first at an authorized inspection station, like Hi Star Auto Center. The inspector will complete all applicable sections on a Certificate of Inspection/Affidavit of Vehicle Construction (Form VP-64). Contact us today to learn more.