Driver’s Education: Get to Know the Car

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Know the Car

There are a few things all drivers should know about cars. For example, cars need to be taken care of if you expect them to provide reliable transportation. Keeping the car clean and waxed is important, as it protects it from rust. One of the most important tasks is keeping the oil changed and full. This is critical for the health of the car, changing it about every three months, checking it at least weekly. When checking the oil, it is a good idea to check brake fluid and power steering fluid. 

Keep your eye on the temperature, keep the radiator full and flush it out once a year. An over-heated car can cause severe engine damage, leading to expensive repairs. Keep your tires balanced and inflated to the proper psi. If you are unsure what your tire pressure should read, check the wall of the tire, it should list tire size and the inflation that needed for optimum performance.

If a warning light comes on, you can take your car to a dependable mechanic, like Hi Star Auto Center. Not only do we provide Free Inspections and Free Estimates, we can to fix the problem. In a nutshell, performing regular maintenance will prevent future repair bills and help your car’s performance.