Keep Your Car Functional: Key Cooling System Auto Maintenance Checks

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Cooling system for Las Vegas car


With the weather changing from long hot summer Vegas nights to sometimes bitterly cold mornings that kick you in the face, Las Vegas residents use their cooling system year round. When transitioning from the air conditioner being a staple in your car to the heating system becoming a necessity in the morning, it is important that you check your cooling system.

Cooling System Maintenance Checks for Your Las Vegas Car

Don’t know where to begin? Let us help!  You need to do thorough cooling system auto maintenance check to ensure that your Las Vegas car is functioning properly. Here are some things you should check: 

Coolant hoses:

  • Check for cracking and splitting of the hoses.
  • Use a proper hose and not a universal hose, unless it is absolutely necessary.


  • Check the V-belt on whether there are any dry cracks.
  • Have a scheduled interval for replacing the V-belt.

Antifreeze Coolant:

It is important to use a coolant to prevent overheating and the freezing of the engine. A coolant is often water and ethylene glycol, which has a better boiling and freezing point than water.

Always use a proper coolant for your cooling system.

Maintenance checks:

  • Examine everything. From hoses to caps, and try to see if anything is out of place.
  • You need to check the coolant after a month.
  • Every time you check the liquid levels, examine the belts. Replace all cracked, tattered and worn out belts.
  • Check the hose clamps. Inspect the hoses, and examine if they are tight and in place. Replace any of the hoses that are tattered, worn out, or lose.
  • Use a proper liquid for the coolant. It should be ionized, and have no other mineral additives.
  • Check the pressure recommended system level.
  • Check if the engine cooling fan is functioning properly.