Limousine Fleet Maintenance

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For owners of limousine fleets ensuring they are well maintained is essential to being a leader. In the Las Vegas market limos are a common site, and operators and owners alike must be sure that they are available to maximize revenue opportunities. Behind fuel costs and insurance, maintenance is one of the highest expenses they face. Finding a high quality, low cost limousine fleet maintenance and service company is much easier said than done.

Scheduled Maintenance

Ensuring that your limousine fleet is routinely maintained and all worn parts are changed out before they break is an essential piece to fleet maintenance. The right fleet service provider will ensure that these elements last as long as possible and thoroughly check and replace them just before their expiration at the scheduled maintenance intervals.

Speed of Repairs

No matter how well maintained, checked and immaculate your fleet’s engines are, there will still be the occasional need for repairs. When these do happen, you want your limo back on the road as quickly as possible. A good limousine fleet service contractor will have a large majority of common parts available. Limo owners heavily rely on them and their parts carriers to ensure that they are able to obtain parts quickly and replace them immediately.

Maintenance Records

Most limousine software packages have record-keeping modules built right in. Being sure to enter the details of your fleet maintenance records into this software will help you track the costs associated with repairs. A great limousine fleet maintenance company will be sure to line item out their invoices to you for you to properly enter and track the associated costs.

Hi Star Auto Center provides limousine fleet services including fast and cost effective maintenance, repairs and body services to keep your fleet of limos in like new condition from day one.