Managing Vehicle Fleet Costs

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If you own one of the many businesses in Clark County that produces or makes products that need to be transported to stores or other business by freight, it may be a good idea to invest in your own vehicle fleet. Before you do however you might want to weigh your current delivery costs against the following;

Purchase Costs

A fleet vehicle can be expensive and is a major investment for most businesses.

Insurance Costs

Insurance for commercial vehicles is often more expensive than non-commercial vehicles.

Fuel Costs

You will need to add fuel costs to your list of expenses for your business.

Maintenance Costs

You will have to make necessary repairs to your vehicle and pay to maintain it to keep it running.

It the costs of owning a fleet are prohibitive, you may consider using on of the many businesses in Clark County that specialize in local freight delivery. These companies run regular routes in the area and may be able to deliver your goods without making a special trip.

By owning your own fleet you may have better control over the delivery of your products, but you should consider the cost of a vehicle fleet before deciding if you want to hire an outside company or purchase your own.