Saving Fuel During The Warmer Months

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Gas grades tend to be a better mix, and there is less aerodynamic resistance to your car during the summer months, but saving fuel means more road trips in the long run. Hi Star Auto Center has some tips to help stretch that gas budget further.

AC Versus Rolling Down The Windows

When trying to save fuel, is it smarter to roll down the windows and save the air condition for when you’re really melting during the summer months?  When it’s sweltering out there we usually blast the AC as close to polar as possible, especially in the desert. Those first five minutes in a car that’s been cooking are close to torture when the temperatures start to reach triple digits. But when saving gas, most people assume that suffering and rolling down the windows is the way to go. Believe or not there rolling down the windows does not save gas, in fact it increases that pesky aerodynamic resistance which eats away the gas tank. The best option? Keep the air condition to a reasonable low. Not low temperatures, but low fan setting and keep the degrees as close to room temperature as possible. You might swelter for the the first few miles, but after that you won’t even notice, after all it’s all worth the bottom line.

Top Gears Are More Gas Efficient

The lower the gear your car is in, the less fuel efficient it is. Besides driving everyone behind you nuts, crawling to the designated speed on the highway is not the way to save your gas tank. Believe or not the less time it takes to reach the speed you need to set the cruise control is the best way to go. According to Popular Mechanics, “..taking 15 seconds to accelerate to 50 mph used less fuel than taking 30 seconds to reach the same speed, because the car entered its top, fuel-saving gear sooner.”. So put that pedal to the metal, (safely and according to the designated speed limits–of course), open up that sweet ride and save gas.

Air Pressure Can Be The Difference

Whether you have one of those incredible jetson-like fuel efficient cars, or your car weighs the same as a tugboat, air pressure can truly make a difference to your gas tank. In the change from cooler to warmer temperatures, it is especially important to check your the air pressure level of your tires. Cold air can make it seem underinflated, while hot air is more expansive, can make it seem over inflated. The average driver is not as diligent as they should be about checking the tire pressure. More than 50% of cars on the road right now, have incorrect pressure levels. Under inflated tires can increase gas guzzling by almost 10%. Make it a habit to check the levels at least once a week, and anytime before and after a road trip.

Cruise Control Can Be Your Best Friend

Try to use your car’s cruise control as much as possible when heading out on your summer road trips. If your car has cruise control, then know that it has been engineered to work efficiently when in use. Cruise control is the best way to ensure a smoother fuel efficient trip versus the typical driver that may alter the speeds far more frequently. Particularly on long flat highway miles, the tendency for drivers to push the gas pedal fluctuates, this is where gas gets burned up. You will go farther, longer if you maintain that steady race, and make cruise control your best co-pilot.