Auto Painting


In the Las Vegas valley the sun shines over 200+ days a year. Fading is a loss of car paint due to exposure to light or heat, which may cause a chalky white appearance and lack of shine. No one wants their vehicle’s paint job to lose its shine.

Automotive painting and refinishing is truly an art. Properly matching the high tech finishes found on many of today’s vehicles requires trained expertise in application techniques. Our painters combine the latest techniques with the keen eye of an artist to create “never been damaged” quality finishes. It is our policy to take every precaution to insure the final finish matches your original paint in both appearance and quality — to protect and preserve the value of your vehicle. Our automotive section is equipped with spray booth and bake oven configuration. This sterile and dust-free facility enables us to prepare and refinish your cars quickly and to ensure a long lasting repair. We can mix over 65,000 car colors from straight solid to clear over base metallic and pearlescent micas on our PPG pain mixing machine. With the use of an advanced identification system, we will ensure accurate color matching on all makes of cars.

We offer Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR) and spray on bed liners! Call us today to schedule.

Paint Packages

Hi Star 1 – $499.99 

2 Coats of Hi-Solids Paint
1 year Prorated Warranty on Limited Colors

Hi Star 2 – $599.99

3 Coats of Hi-Solids Paint (includes Metallics & Red)
1 Year Prorated Warranty on Limited Colors

Hi Star 3 – $699.99

4 Coats of Hi-Solids Paint with Seal Coat & Integrated Clear Coat
5 Year Prorated Warranty on Limited Colors

Hi Star 4 – $1,599.99

4 Coats of Hi-Solids Paint with Seal Coat & Urenthane
2 Coats of Clear Coat
6 Years Prorated Warranty

Labor Rates

  • Body and Paint Labor : $44.00
  • Paint Material : $28.00
  • Inside Storage : $50.00
    • SUVs and Oversized Vehicles : $75.00
  • Outside Storage : 35.00
  • Towing : $7.00

** STORAGE CHARGES will begin starting 3 days after work is completed.