Used Car Inspections: Worth the Cost

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Many used car buyers are budget conscious and want to keep their prices reduced, so the additional cost of inspecting a car before purchase can cause a cringe. The peace of mind that you are making a sound purchase is often the deciding factor for getting a used car inspection.

Independent Car Inspection

The Federal Trade Commission recommends an independent car inspection prior to purchasing a used car. Even though it’s not a requirement that a used car dealership allow off-site inspections most dealerships place such emphasis on reconditioning that they should have nothing to hide. Having an independent opinion can make a used car buyer aware of any potential issues before the car is purchased.

The Cost of a Used Car Inspection

Some used car inspections start at around $200 depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle. And while this out of pocket expense may not turn up any hidden problems it can save you ten times or more in repair bills. In some instances we can help you discover large costs, and have saved our clients thousands of dollars in repairs, by completing a thorough inspection. Most frequently are private used car purchase inspections, where the car owner wasn’t necessarily aware of major repair needs.

Used Cars Are Used

Purchasing a used car means that you are not expecting a car in perfect condition. Depending on the age and mileage of the car you intend to purchase, and whether or not you are purchasing it from a private dealer or dealership, you should expect a used car to come with issues. No used car is perfect, even those kept in the best condition are in fact used. Make sure to manage your expectations and don’t assume you will find a car without fault.