What is Paintless Dent Removal?

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Paintless dent removal or paintless dent repair is a way to remove small dents in a car without affecting its existing paint job. Larger dents and scratches require an auto body repair shop to sand away the paint on and surrounding the dent. Then they must fill and replace it with other paint or some other filler material, but minor dents can often be repaired while leaving the paint surface intact.

How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?

There are a few methods that auto body professionals can use to remove a dent without affecting a car’s paint. The most common techniques utilize rods that push out the dent from the underside of the body’s panel. Some “fine tuning” may be needed to push back any protruding spots and smooth out the finish, but this rarely affects the car’s paint job. If it does, it only leaves minor scuffs that can easily be touched up. A small dent can usually be completely repaired in this way.

It should be noted that paintless dent removal is best left to an auto body professional. There are kits available that allow vehicle owners to fix their own minor dents, but a professional will be able to better assess the damage to a vehicle and ensure that its finish comes out looking as good as new.