Why Is My Car Making Noises?

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Rolling around the streets of Las Vegas with your windows down, enjoying the summer night temperatures and suddenly you hear an awful noise coming from what sounds like your wheels. There are many reasons that your car may be making noise when it shouldn’t. Find out what possible reasons your ride is squeaking or squealing when it should be purring.

Squeaking When You Stop

A high pitch squeak coming from your your wheel area when you stop could be the result of incorrect brake installation. Take a test drive around the block and see if the concerning noise only hits those high notes when you hit the brakes. If so, be sure to contact whomever handled your last brake service. It could mean that the pads were not properly replaced, and they simply need to be reinstalled. A quality mechanic should honor their work and take responsibility for the issue.

Another possible reason is there may be a buildup of brake dust on your pads. Proper lubrication of the pads should fix the issue. Refer to your car’s manual to see what the approved brake grease can be used.

Squeaking Even When You Don’t Stop

There are variety of possible reasons that something around your wheelbase is making a high pitch squeal even when you don’t apply the brakes. Next time you drive, listen and see if the noise tends to disappear as you come to a stop. A more consistent high pitch squeal could indicate that you are nearing brake service. Some brake pads have “wear indicators” that create the high pitch warning noise as your pads need changing. Another possible reason could mean that the brake pads have already worn through. Worn brake pads can become glazed from heating up and eventually cause that awful noise.

Abrasive And Loud

A loud abrasive noise from your wheel area could indicate issues with your car’s rotors. Rotors are key part of your braking system. The brake pads clamp down on the rotors, essentially creating friction, and helping you stop. The friction is what cause the brake pads to wear down. The loud grinding noise could indicate that your pads are past worn and friction is now causing the rotor to wear. It is important that you bring your car into an experienced mechanic as rotor issues can get costly if you ignore it.

Whenever you hear unusual noises from your car it is an indication that something is not functioning as it should. Hi Star Auto Center provides free estimates before they do the work. Bring your vehicle in regardless of what noise it is making before it becomes a major issue down the road.