A Cool Car: The Answer to Fewer Breakdowns

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black car thermometer reading hot

The coolant system of your automobile keeps the internal engine temperatures within the right range to prevent major issues and breakdowns. A well running system means that coolants will properly temper your engine heat, and keep your engine running smooth in any season, even the hot Las Vegas summers. By maintaining this one system properly you can avoid costly problems, and explain more about your cooling system in this article.

Parts That Keep Your Car Cool

Made up of multiple parts operating independently, your car’s cooling system is designed to last, but won’t last forever. The individual components that make up your engine’s cooling system are frequently made of lightweight plastic. Over time, especially in harsher climates like Las Vegas, these parts break down and need to be replaced. Most vehicle manufacturers have a schedule for replacing coolant system parts.

The major components in your engine’s system include: hoses, pumps, caps, a fan, radiator, thermostat, and reserve tank. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle some of these parts may need to be replaced more often than others.

How a Cooling System Works

While it’s called a “cooling system,” it is actually designed to help keep your automobile running in a moderate range. Vehicle components wear out faster, operate less efficiently, and emit more pollution when your engine runs too hot or too cold. In short, your cooling system helps to keep your engine run at an optimal temperature, which is neither too hot or too cold. Overheating your engine, especially on a frequent basis, could need major engine repairs, which are far more costly than replacing the components causing the engine overheating.

What Your Auto Mechanic Should Do

During any routine service, your auto mechanic should visually look for the early signs of aging to these components. If anything is noticed during the visual inspection, your mechanic should bring it to your attention, and let you decide whether or not to make repairs, along with the costs of the potential repairs needed. At Hi Star Auto Center we are available to inspect the health of your cooling system in Las Vegas. Our team of certified mechanics can make sure that your car is cool for the hot Las Vegas summer.