Autumn and Your Las Vegas Vehicle

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autumn and your vehicle


With the shorter days and cooler nights coming to the Las Vegas valley, rainy weather is sure to follow. Now is a good time to get your car ready for the Las Vegas winter driving season.

Although some seasonal car maintenance will require the assistance of a qualified car mechanic, here are five simple do it yourself car maintenance projects you can do to make your auto better prepared for Autumn. 

Change Your Wiper Blades

With the scorching hot Las Vegas Summer finally over, your windshield wiper blades may have taken a beating. Blades may be cracking or look worn and now might be a good time to replace them.

Fortunately, replacing wiper blades as part of your normal scheduled maintenance for your Las Vegas vehicle is very easy and requires no tools. They cost anywhere from $10 to $20 generally. Be aware that some vehicles may require different sized blades for the passenger and driver side wipers. Be sure to consult the in-store sizing guide to buy the right ones. Don’t forget the back! Remember, in hatch backs or vehicles that have a wiper for the rear window, you will need to replace this as well.

Check the Spare Tire

Autumn is a good time to check your spare tire and ensure that it has enough air. Due to the excessive heat in the summertime in Las Vegas, it is important to double check your spare tire from time to time. Autumn is a perfect season to do this.

The pressure on a tire drops one PSI, or pound per square inch, for every 10-degree drop in temperature, so be sure to check your tires on a weekly basis. The proper inflation pressure for a tire will generally be listed in your vehicle’s owner manual and/or located on a sticker on the driver’s doorjamb.

Check and Top Off Fluids

With the Autumn weather quickly approaching, it is important to change your windshield-wiper fluid. This needs to be replaced with solvent that is suited for use in cold weather. The fluid costs about $2 to $4 per gallon, depending on the brand and whether there is anti-freeze mixed in.

Speaking of anti-freeze, you will want to check your level of antifreeze in your vehicle. This solvent ranges from about $10 to $16 per gallon and is stored in the coolant recovery reservoir.

If you find that you are low on coolant, you will want to add the appropriate quantity of properly diluted fluid to that reservoir and not to the radiator. Make sure that you use the correct fluid.

Checking the rest of your fluids at this time would be a smart idea. If the levels are low on any of them, top it off with the appropriate liquid.

Replace Your Air Filter

Air filters should be replaced at a minimum of twice a year as part of normally scheduled maintenance. Autumn is the perfect opportunity to do so. With increased complaints of allergies in the Las Vegas valley due to the cooler weather, replacing your car’s air filter is a great idea. When an air filter reaches a point where it causes the pressure to drop to restrict airflow, the car’s fuel economy, performance and emissions begin to deteriorate. It will get increasingly worse until the filter is replaced.

Fortunately, the air filter is simple to replace. It is a job that anyone can do and takes virtually no time with no tools.

Check Your Battery

As part of your Autumn maintenance to your Las Vegas vehicle, it is a smart idea to triple check your battery terminals. A lot of electrical issues and ignition problems stem from loose or corroded battery connections. If you find that your battery terminals are corroded, you can buy a battery terminal brush that is inexpensive and will quickly fix any issues.

As part of normal maintenance, you will want to double check your vehicle’s lights. It is important to make sure that you can see and will be seen as the day’s get shorter in the Las Vegas valley. Replacement bulbs can be purchased for a couple of bucks and can completely transform the visibility of your vehicle.

Heaters & Defrosters

Autumn mornings can bring rain and may cause the windshield in your Las Vegas vehicle. There is nothing more annoying than running late to work, only to discover that your vehicle’s windshield is completely frosted over due to Las Vegas mornings.