Power Steering Problems Every Driver Faces

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Power Steering Problems Drivers Face in Las Vegas

We take so many wonders about our cars for granted. One of these is power steering. Power steering stands for power-assisted steering. Imagine getting out of your car and trying to steer the wheels with your bare hands. This is an impossible task. Now insert your key into the ignition and with the engine off but the key ON try to turn the steering wheel to steer the wheels. You may be able to accomplish this but it is so hard. Now turn on the engine and let it help you turn the wheels. A lot easier right? 

Your car weighs more than a ton and it needs power steering to assist in maneuvering. Hydraulic or electric actuators add controlled energy to the steering mechanism, so the driver only has to provide modest effort regardless of driving conditions.

Below are  6 common power steering problems explained briefly.

Power Steering Leak

The most common power steering problem that people experience is a leak in the system. This problem has a few signs that will help you to diagnose your problem very quickly. Besides the tell all sign of fluid on the driver’s side vehicle. Other indications are a grinding noise when you turn the wheel. If you hear grinding noise when you turn the wheel, the fluid is very low and it must be fixed immediately to prevent further damage. If you run out of liquid completely, the pump can burn out completely.

Slipping Drive Belt

Another major common problem that is associated with power steering is when the drive belt in the pump will start to slip. You will notice this very quickly when you hear a squealing sound when you turn the wheel sharply.

Worn out Hoses

Your engine is a very tightly wound machine that has a ton of other parts. Due to the close proximity of these parts in the engine bay, there is a good chance that there will be some contact with other parts as the car is driven. This contact tends to wear holes in the sides of hoses, or start to make the hose a little spongy on one side. Unfortunately, after some time the pressure in the hose can cause it to burst, sometimes while driving. A sudden loss of pressure from the hose will cause your steering to feel extremely hard very quickly.

Cracks on the Hose

With the intense Las Vegas heat you will find that some of the main hoses that are associated with the power steering can become dry and cracked. The only way to realize this before you start to have a leak will be to have periodic inspections of the hoses and other components in your car.

Peeling Hose

Some problems can actually be the cause of being worked on. When the hose has been over crimped at one end by your service technician, it can cause a bit of peeling back on the hose. Regularly checking your engine and the hoses can prevent this from causing damage.


Couplings will begin to loosen after the vehicle has been driven for a long time. To prevent couplings, service the vehicle regularly.